Saturday, October 8, 2011

Next in Life

So, I'm in this limbo. Limbo between having enough college for it to help me get a better job and.....NOT. But I have been looking BACK into modeling and really would like to pursue it with a vengeance. I have always enjoyed the little bit I've done and wanted to truly give it my all. It seems so hard to get involved and not sure really where to start. If you have lots of money to your name, its not a problem getting started. But trying to build yourself if so hard to do. If you have any suggestions, please, i am all ears. I have a phone call into a family friend who is a photographer who is willing to help me rebuild/build a formal portfolio, and get that started, but in less I'm in a bigger city like Cleveland or Pittsburgh i don't know how much good it's going to do. But anyways this is my rant for the night. Just needing to find something to make my clock tick. I've lost that along the way somewhere and I gravely need it back. :-)