Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Birthday!!!

so I'm seventeen now. wow. i don't feel any different. really i don't. it doesn't even feel right to say I'm seventeen or write that I'm seventeen. i guess I've gotten to a point where like when i turned sixteen, I WAS SIXTEEN, but now its like woohoo I'm seventeen. not a big deal. but let me say something... my birthday was one of the BIGGEST roller coasters i have EVER been on. the morning was amazing a few friends at school decorated my locker and filled my truck with balloons and wrote on the windows happy birthday and everything. and it was aw some then you know i came home and it just didn't feel the same with out my grandparents here. they have never missed a birthday, so it wasnt the same. and it kinda brought me down a little but i tried to just put it away because it was my birthday. Then.... ohhhh.... THEN the fun began! First jack my brother shows up. in his hand he held a card that he got me and drawn on the envelope is a person with a fish bowl filled with water as a head(water-head). THEN.... the Mashburn's ( Miss.Sandi, and Dr.Mashburn) show up. in hand with a card that reads on the envelope reads the following "happy birthday Morgan NO mo NO WATER HEAD!!! oh for crying out loud love you all to. i thought my mother was going to pee herself laughing at me. when she saw both ENVELOPES. we're not even to the cards yet. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. on the actual cards because no words could express what these cards were like. JACK- come on did you have to be that mean. lol just kidding. it was very funny. the inside was just as funny.we did have a very nice time though, AND thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday the best it could. i really needed it. you guys were a
amazing. i truly don't know what i would do in life without you guys.