Monday, February 23, 2009


OK so what is you people's deal? I'm ahead of all of you in post. you guys have fallen behind. come of i miss you guys i wanna know whats going on in all your lives. its bad enough i don't get to experience all of the times with you. i really would like to at least read about them. lol. anyhow. nothing new no inspiring stories. no amazing falling out. no nothing just another boring day. I'll get something good eventually. ☻

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Somebody Special

I just returned from the Mashburned newest addition...The Lake House. As we sat around chatting, bonding, and eating pizza. I looked around and listened to so many things being said and done. My little brother was sitting next to a soon to be father and talked as if he was of the same age. My mother and father sat around a plastic folding table with Dr. Mashburn and Mrs. Mashburn. I sat across the table from them. My parents and the Mashburns talked so comfortably about things they plan to do this spring and summer. And they talked about crazy (yet sometimes stupid) things they were apart of this last summer, and i watched as the older grandfather sit next to his wife and tell her that he loved her, and then stood so strongly and roamed around to joke and talk with all who gathered. Hailey, an expecting mother, joked so happily and yet was so quiet. I watched her sit against a wall and eat her pizza and not complain about how badly her back her but just say that she did not want a chair. As we sat around Mrs. Mashburn got up from her chair and went to the kitchen, where she then called her husband to follow. When we all came into the kitchen, she was sitting in front of two cakes full of candles. We all sang happy birthday and she took a deep breath.she, got all of her candles in one breath. we then went back to eating and conversating. she was so happy just to be around her family and friends. after a few minutes she went back to the kitchen where everybody was called back and she had all of her gifts and flowers in front of her. she said some things that moved people that i don't know if she realized. as she thanked everybody for coming she talked about how her life has been so good, and then she said that it was because of all the people around her.... Then she turned to her daughter, and she very simply said that she was not sad about her life being so far along because of her and her daughter being together and so close and now Hailey is expecting and she was so proud of her. when she turned back to her gifts i could see how touched Hailey was. she started to tear up and smile all at the same time. she called both of her step sons.. HER SONS. Travis the younger one got a soft spot and turned to her and gave her a huge loving huge. the other kind smiled and said thank you and i love you. Tonight was amazing. was so mellowing and moving. happy birthday Miss Sandie i Love you.

Friday, February 6, 2009


like the new look? i changed some of my colors and themes. i was tiered of the same old same old. lol. but you know how it goes. hehehe. nothing to important. oh ya but on february 20th our marching band is playing the phantom's hockey game at the chevy centre. it is also the pre party to the kelly pavlik BIG fight.... so anybody is more then welcome to come out watch the game and listen to us. nothing big though. we have to play tonight to. we have to play for the boys basketball game at the school so i'll be busy all night. oh ya ans the blog right below is from the quaker city race way/ viperizer website. jon is on there too. pretty cool stuff let me tell ya. lol. ttyl :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

check it!!!!

Morgan Franjko qualified # 11 with a 10.04
Get this....odds have it that Morgan has to run her little brother
Jonathan first round....The dude slaps his sister with .009 bulb...ouch!!
But it's kewl cause Morgan comes back and wins the QCR Junior race!!!