Thursday, January 28, 2010


Anybody notice how fast life has gone by in the past two to three years? I know I have. It has been crazy. In the past three years I have gone from being a quiet, yet social, little tom boy, to being a (what I think) is a pretty young woman. I have confidence. I look forward to when I go to Kent on Thursdays because i feel that i fit in with so many people. I am so ready to get away from high school and not even think about looking back. I've worked so hard to make sure I have everything ready that I need to start at Kent ASAP. I don't want to sit for to long after I graduate from high school because that's when i get bored and lose interest. I want to become great things. I can NOT wait to get my degree and be able to help people. This is my passion, My calling, My life. I know that it is going to take every ounce of focus and discipline I have but i can not wait for the challenge. I've never wanted something like I do with this.
I have become such great friends with Emily that i just become more and more inspired to be something great by the day. Every time I see her and see her face just light up to be around people she loves and is such good friends with it makes it so much more rewarding to be HER friend. She is like a sister to me and has made me realize how much I am truly meant to do what I am about to do with my life. I want to aspire to be something great. I want to be able to do my own thing and whenever I come out on the other side my family is so proud of me.
I know along the way there will probably be things that I do that people will not totally agree with but that's OK because it's my turn to show my friends, family, enemies, and the world what I am able to accomplish on my own. It's my turn to show everybody that I can just survive while starting to figure out things on my own. It's time to let myself bloom into something amazing. I for a while started to panic and not want anything to do with growing up and leaving the safety of my closed up rose petals but now i can't wait to show everybody the beautiful color on the inside. I'm so determined to make a life of my own. Getting a Job, Getting an Education, Getting a Career, And hopefully Having a Family someday. I hope that no matter what choices I make in my life in the next few years, everybody who stands behind me know and believes in me doesn't stop believing in me and trusting in my decisions.