Friday, November 28, 2008


OK so i have a confession to make. this last Tuesday i thought i had lost three of my good friends, one being a best friend. at about 4:30 Tuesday night Ethan, Brandon, and John all were having a good time hanging out with our friend Brandon who came up to visit from south Caroline which is where he moved to the summer after our freshmen year of high school. the pictures of the accident are incredible. and i don't mean that in a good way. i mean it as in quiet honestly if i hadn't been told that all three boys survived i would have thought that they were all tragically killed. But as I'm sure you all have guessed... they all survived. AMAZINGLY! each and everyone of them know very well that they have god to thank, because it was not their time to go. God saved each and everyone of them for a reason. True, they all have extensive injuries but they will all recover and be themselves again. Ethan had to have multiple surgeries to repair a crushed knee, and a broken femur, and he also has a broken wrist. Brandon had to have multiple surgeries to repair a broken leg that broke skin and also ripped apart tendons, he had to have one rod and two screws put in his leg and he is still awaiting neurology surgery. And finally my best friend John, he received a broken collar bone, and a deep cut on his knee that required stitches, but not till a day and a half later after he had been sent home did he get re-admitted to the hospital because he had a brain bleed. For right now all the boys are in the Youngstown St.Elizabeth's hospital but john is expected to hopefully be re-released again, and Brandon will hopefully get to leave sometime tomorrow. Ethan on the other hand is going to be out of the running for a very long time. he has at least two more days at St. Elizabeth's and then he is off to a rehab center for pretty much his in tier body. he is not expected to return to school for at least a month. that is how long he is to be in a wheel chair.
I am informing all of you of this because these boys really need your prayers right now. They are all experiencing large amounts of pain and weakness. They are also realizing that they are all very lucky to be alive and in the hospital that they are in right now. Ethan is in the worst condition and was also the driver of the car. he especially needs your prayers right now because not only is he dealing with allot of breathing, pain, and surgical problems, but he is also dealing with the fact that he hurt his friends. He never wanted to do what he did, so please if when your going about your day if you could all just say a prayer of strength and healing for these three young kind and sweet boys, i would been eternally grateful.

thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart.
we can't wait till they all come home and back to all their friends.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ok so its been awhile since i've been on here to update, and i'm sorry. its busy being a 16 year old in high school. ok and my grandma and my mom haven't gotten off my case about not updating. thats what they do i guess. but ok so here is the newest news in my life..... SO racing has ended - tear tear-and it is so weird not getting up early saturday morning and mentally preparing myself to go out and defend my right as a female in a male dominate sport. let me tell you though.... its fun when you win even one round and shut the guys up because they jsut got there butts kicked by a girl. But now thats over and i'm back to school all week every week. marching band just ended and the football team ended the season at 8-3. not bad for a small country school. so now i don't really have anything going on. I'm not compaining but its really weird. if anybody is board and wants to do ANYTHING i'm all game just give me a call or a text. i'll put more pictures up when i get some. right now i don't have a whole lot i do have one and thats the fact that our chickens last night started laying eggs and i am so excited. so leave me anything you wish. love you all guys. your awsome