Tuesday, December 1, 2009

God Bring Me Home Safe

A man kisses his wife and son.
A woman hugs her husband and kisses her daughter.
A little girl has tears running down her soft cheeks.
A teenage boy cries to God asking why.

Them in uniforms, wave one last time.
Saying good bye, with a gentle nod.
They walk to that awaiting plan.
They pray silently to themselves.
"God Bring Me Home Soon."

The families stand at that tall cold fence.
Parents who are left hold their children.
Tears, so sad run down all's faces.
They all silently say a prayer.
"God Bring Them Home Soon."

Months pass. Letters are sent to and from.
Then the letters from home get no response.
Weeks pass. A man comes in a uniform with a sealed envelope.
The family cries, Oh Please No.
"Oh God, Bring Them Home Soon."

Those same families gather again.
Standing at that tall, cold fence.
Praying to see their loved ones, walk off of that plane.
The doors lowers, dress blues are seen.
"God, Please Bring Them Home Soon."

As those in dress blues become seen.
They carry flag draped caskets.
The reality sets into family members
Some cry out, some drop to their knees.
"God Bring Them Home Soon."

Those little boys and girls,
The teenage children, asking why,
The wife's and husbands,
Left to pick up each other and mourn as one.
"God brought Them Home."

The line of black hearses.
The filled funeral homes.
Family and friends waiting to say welcome home.
Most stand numb asking God why.
"God you didn't bring them home, you took him home."

The families say good bye.
Some frustrated with god.
Some frustrated with the government.
They wanted him to come home to them alive.
They Prayed, "God Bring Him Home Soon."

They hear people talking in the streets.
"This is their job to fight for freedom."
Yet they stand there and don't think about the families left behind.
Husbands and wife's get defensive over their loved ones.
Standing up for those who give their lives so we can be Free.

Standing up for those who,
"God decides to bring home to him."
Such as he did with their husbands and Wife's,
Their sons and daughters.
"God someday i ask you to bring them all home to us and you."

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